Workpiece Carrier Systems

Butek workpiece carriers significantly for exact fitting in your production flow, whether designed exclusively or optional for a rational, protective picking and moving workpieces.

Precision in handling from the beginning to the production line to the final assembly point for the perfectioning of your quality and productivity of your production line. Butek is offering you countless structures, designs, constructions and final products.

  • Bulk goods baskets
  • Workpiece Carriers
  • Workpiece Handling Magazines
  • Tool and Ware Carriers
  • Heat Treatment Fixtures
  • Phosphating Fixtures

Uncomplicated, robust, stackable, resistant, robot adjustable and safety full adapted to your methodes and processes.

We are supporting you on your projects, to optain only best results. Your precision parts will be moved with Butek workpiece carriers ergonomically and effectively in accordantly to application ranges till arriving at its final destination.

BUTEK Engineering.