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CNC 4 Axis Press Brakes



Press Brakes are designed to meet individual special demands with easy usage and advanced safety systems being always as a first priority.

During the bending process, BuBend controls all movements providing you to get ideal forming dimensions.
The user can make all requested corrections easily and reach perfect results.
Multi Axis Press Brake is manufactured up to 11 axis configuration along with full automatic CNC control. CNC control automatically calculates bending sequence, angle setup, multi axis backgauge retraction and bottom table deflection providing ideal bending dimensions.
Why BuTech?
- BuBend aims to manufacture innovative Press Brakes with high quality of components, different in design, high stroke and daylight openings against to others providing additional benefits of the end user along with no after sales services needed.
 - BuBend connects top beam to the cylinder front and back by cylindrical parts by screw allowing to work different angle +/- 10 degree difference if it is required.
 - All requested corrections can be made easily on the CNC control to reach perfect bending results.
 -Bubend provides working opportunity at even narrow tolerances with its reinforced highly resistant steel construction body.
1. 265 mm High Stroke allowing to use Longer top tools
2. 400 mm Throat Gap
3. 530 mm High Daylight providing to bend close & deep sheets
4. Top Beam connection designing out of the columns providing higher bending distance between columns.
5. 60º Endless bending distance between columns
6. Strong & high welding construction
7. High Daylight providing accuracy and accurate bending
8. FREE OF CHARGE 2D off line software for all type of Cybelec controller
9. Standard Fiessler back and safety system

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