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Metal Briquetting Presses

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A BuPowe
r®  briquetting press by BuTech® is an investment, which makes it worthwhile for many years!
 Metal chips and other residues from light alloy shavings or dust which are collected from industrial areas, are pressed into briquettes to form a material with considerably improved melting properties. In addition, the expensive coolants used in processing are recovered during the compression stage and can be used again in production.
 Scrap briquetting presses are applied to compact sawdust of steel, iron, aluminium and brass into blocks of high density, for easy recycling and smelting. BuPower®   series are especially functional in casting plants where the pressed sawdust of iron can be substituted for raw iron. BuPower briquetting presses produce metal briquettes of maximum density.
 The compressed briquettes can be smelted more easily and safely than loose swarfs. Compacting swarfs from their original volume to smaller briquettes reduces storage and disposal costs. Savings in waste disposal costs and low energy requirements of a BuPower®   briquetting press ensure a short payback period.
Our hydraulic drive and control system with optimum filling per stroke means that the automatic chip feeding and metering system leads to shorter cycle times and bigger throughput capacity with requested power demand.In addition to that the length of briquettes can be adjusted, which improves flexibility.
BuPower® briquetting presses are compact, built with a solid body and have an integrated hydraulic system. All our models are designed for automatic all around the clock operation and can be used as a centralised processing plant or as a single unit.
In BuTech, we do care about our customers’ safety therefore operational safety is our number one priority.
  • Steel construction frame normalised after welding process  
  • Briquette production with high density
  • Mechanical stop supports with no adjusting required  
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast and controllable cycle time
  • High working pressure  
  • Low maintenance necessity   
  • Ability of making all movements independently  
  • Visual follow up of all movements from the screen  
  • Easy integration ability feature to manufacturing systems  
  • Easy transport and disassembling    

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