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Scrap Baling Presses

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A Scrap Baling Presses are widely used by Auto Manufacturers, Auto Dismantlers, Scrap Processors, Steel Mills, Can Plants, Foundries, and Smelters.

 The BuPower® line of balers produce high density, uniform bales that
meet all industry standards. It precompresses material into the charging box and utilizes a three-compression baling system to produce a bale. The BuPower® line is perfect for companies that need a heavy-duty, reliable baling system. 

Three-compression baling system ensure the optimal compacting of your

valuable substances. Robust design for extreme loads which suites the highest requirements.
 It processes soft alloys of stainless sheet, factory clips and
skeletons, shapes, wire, tubing, non-ferrous and ferrous metals
and slitter coils, industrial clips, steel mill sheet, selected structural steel, wire.
Maintenance friendly high capacity hydraulics with logic valve control is used for shortest cycle times and energy saving operating mode.
BuPower®   Scrap Baling Press by BuTech®  is an investment, which makes it worthwhile for many years!

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