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BUTEK signed the UN Global Compact.


More than 3,000 companies have signed the Global Compact since it was drawn up in 2000.  This project was started by Secretary General of UN, Kofi Annan and has become the biggest “social development project of the millennium”.
The United Nations Global Compact includes 10 basic and universal principles under the headings of Human Rights, Employment, Environment, and tacking poverty. The signatories declare with the compact that they will continue their operations in accordance with these 10 basic and universal principles, and generalize their usage of the principles within their circle of influence. The compact requires each company not only to provide quality production and quality service, but also become a  good  “corporate citizen” with an awareness of their social responsibilities.
Butek already joined to the Global Compact in June 2006. Through the Global Compact, Butek carries its principles and values that have been adopted since the establishment to the global social responsibility level.

At Butek, we believe that the acceptance of the United Nations Global Compact through wide participation would take us to a more livable world, and we express our hope that these principles will be adopted by more organizations every day. This is what we affirm our yearly reporting to the UN Global Compact.

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